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Top Ten Tips for Prolonging the Life Span of Your Clothes
Wash N Care Instructions for Clothing


Even though we can’t all go back to shopping based on what we need instead of what

we want, we can still treat our clothes like people did in the past, when they were seen

as valuable purchases.

How we take care of our clothing and fashion says a lot about what we value.

Learning how to take care of clothes properly is not only a cheap way to make fashion

last longer, but it is also a big part of living consciously. We are what we do, which is

even more reason to take care of your clothes. Read on to find out how!

How to Increase the life span of clothes
Tips to Increase the Life Span of Clothes

1. Before you wash your clothes, turn them inside out.

Before you put your clothes in the washing machine, turn them inside out. This is a

great way to make sure they come out clean. If you wash them by hand, turn them

inside out to dry. My maid has been doing that for ages, and because of that, my clothes

never get old. Even though I wear the same clothes year after year, they still look great.

2. Carefully read the sticker to find out how to wash the item.

This is easy. If you want your clothes to last longer, read the tags. They tell you

everything you need to know to keep your clothes looking good for longer.

Do think about how to care for clothing items for women before buying it. I don’t buy

clothes that are too hard to take care of or that I might not wear very often.

How to Increase the Clothing Shelf Life
Clothing Wash N Care Instructions

3. Use gentle soaps and gentle cleaning settings

Choosing the right wash setting and soap is important if you want your clothes to last

longer. As a general rule, be as gentle as you can. Be careful with how much soap you

use and wash clothes at lower temperatures. If you use too much soap, it might stay on

your clothes. If you use harsh cleansers, the item may get damaged. Certain mild

detergents should be used to wash soft materials. Also, wash dark and light colours in

different loads. This makes sure that your light-coloured clothes won’t get stained by

your darker-coloured clothes.

4.Hang your things out to dry and let the sun do its thing.

With a few exceptions, most people around the world hang their clothes too dry. There

are many perks to letting clothes dry in the sun. It makes clothes better in the long run.

In Indian homes, clothes have been dried in a well-lit, well-ventilated room for a long

time. Make sure the dark clothes are hung in the shade so the colours don't fade.

Clothing Life Span Hacks
Clothing Life Span

5.Fix your clothes to make them last longer.

Fix your clothes to make them last longer. Always fix things before the damage gets too

bad. You won't have to buy new ones to replace them this way. Just make sure to sew

up the seams and fix the hems if they start to come apart.

6.Don't do too many loads of laundry.

A lot of us have the habit of washing clothes that don’t need to be cleaned. Next time,

try this. Instead of putting your clothes in the washer when you get home, hang them up

and let them air out overnight. This is a great way to keep the shine on clothes made of

natural materials like cotton or linen for a long time.

7.Place things in the right way

Don’t hang your sweaters or cardigans because that can make them stretch out over

time. A lot of clothes are easier to store when they are flat or properly folded. Always put

your clothes away in the right way to make them last longer.

8.Get rid of spots as soon as you notice them.

Stains only get worse as time goes on. Each fabric and spot has its own needs, but if

you act quickly, you can avoid damaging the fabric and having to wash the whole thing.

9. It is always suggested to follow instructions

Whenever you buy any clothes there may be certain instructions which you should

follow like temperature, conditions, pressure, etc.

10. Always buy fabric which is premium

It is suggested to always buy clothes which are of superior quality like in clothing store

for women over bulk low quality clothing items.

With these tips, you can make your clothes last longer and save money at the same

time in Ladies clothes shop for purchases. Watch out Ethnic Oyster for our summer

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