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Monsoon Chic: Unveiling 5 Fashionable Dupatta Trends for Rainy Season

Monsoon Chic: Unveiling 5 Fashionable Dupatta Trends for Rainy Season

The rainy season is here, so it's time to add some stylish and trendy dupatta or drapes to your ethnic clothing. A dupatta, which is also called an odhani or chunni, is an important item that can make any lehenga-choli, salwar suit, or kurta look better. A dupatta can add a lot to your style, whether you want to add colour, texture, a print, or needlework to your outfit. But how do you know which veil to wear when it's raining?

You don't want to end up with a piece of clothing that is wet, heavy, or dull, which would ruin your mood and look. You want something that is bright, colourful, light, and easy to handle. Something that shows who you are and what the season is all about. We've put together a list of 5 trendy ways to wear a scarf this rainy season to help you out. These are based on the latest collections of top designers, famous people, and people who have a lot of impact. So, get ready to show off your style for the rainy season with these beautiful dupattas.

1. Chanderi Dupattas

Chanderi is a thin, delicate cloth that is known for its shiny finish and small patterns. It's great for the rainy season because it's light, airy, and dries fast. Chanderi dupattas come in many different colors, designs, and embellishments that can make your ethnic wear look more elegant and beautiful. You can dress up or down with a chanderi dupatta and a simple cotton shirt or a printed anarkali. You can also choose a chanderi suit set with different or similar pieces for a more put-together and stylish look. Chanderi dupattas are flexible and can be wrapped in different ways to make different looks.

Floral prints are always in style and can make any outfit look fresh and lively. They are perfect for the rain because they show how beautiful and full nature is. Floral dupattas can be made of cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, and many other materials. They also come in different sizes, shapes, and designs, such as bandhani, leheriya, digital print, hand drawn, and more. You can add a pop of colour and contrast with a flowery dupatta and a solid colour or plain suit. You can also mix and match different flower prints for a funky look. Floral dupattas are a great way to add cheer and charm to your clothing during the rainy season.

3. Gota Patti Dupattas

Gota patti is a traditional way to make appliques by sewing small bits of gold or silver ribbon onto fabrics to make intricate patterns. It is one of the most popular ways to decorate Indian traditional wear, and it gives any outfit some sparkle and glitz. Gota patti dupattas are great for the rainy season because they are light, long lasting, and easy to clean. For a party or wedding look, you can wear a gota patti skirt with a simple or plain suit. For a more complicated and expensive look, you can also choose a gota patti suit set. Gota patti dupattas come in different colors, fabrics, and designs so you can find one that fits your style and the event.

4. Short Dupattas/Stoles

One of the coolest trends this season is short dupattas or stoles. They are only long enough to reach the upper thigh or waist. They are perfect for the monsoon because they are easy to wear, soft, and fashionable. You can look modern and edgy with a short veil, but it won't take away from your ethnic look. For a modern look, you can wear a short skirt with a very short kurta or crop top and pants or shararas that make a statement. For a classic look, you can also wear a short skirt with a long kurta or anarkali. There are many different fabrics, colours, and styles for short dupattas that you can use to match your outfit and your mood and available at Ladies clothes shop easily.

Silk is a rich and beautiful fabric that can make any outfit look better because of its wealth and elegance. It's also a good choice for the rain because it's smooth, breathable, and long-lasting. With their shine and texture, silk dupattas can add a touch of sophistication and glitz to your traditional wear. If you want to look elegant and royal, you can wear a silk dupatta with a silk suit or sari. You can also mix and match a silk scarf with a cotton or chanderi suit for contrast and balance. There are many different kinds of silk dupattas, such as banarasi, chanderi, tussar, kota, and more. They also come in different colours, prints, and embroidery patterns so you can find one that fits your style and the event at Clothing store for women easily.

So, these are some of the trendy ways to wear Clothing and fashion this rainy season. Whether you want a relaxed, party, or dressy look, these dupattas can help you do it easily and in style. Online at Ethnic Oyster, you can buy these trendy Classic Indian Drapes for Women and get ready to rock your summer chic.

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