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Top 10 Timeless Classic Indian Fashion Trends of 2024

Top 10 Timeless Classic Indian Fashion Trends of 2024

Here's some top 10 timeless classic Indian fashion trends of 2024 that have generally stood the test of time during 2023-

1. Tissue or Shimmer Georgette Fabric will remain in demand for 2024 whether it’s a Tissue Silk from Tamilnadu, Kota Tissue from Rajasthan, Banarsi Tissue from U.P, Chanderi Tissue from Madhya Pradesh or Uppada Tissue from Andhra Pradesh. 

2. Next wearable trend is Salwars. Two types of salwars are in trend these days, first one is gathered or afghani salwar and other one is straight or Pakistani Salwar. This straight salwar is a comfortable substitute for pants and it also looks good with all kurta styles. 

3. Big Size Neck Design Patterns will be the upcoming trend. When choosing neck design patterns for larger sizes, it's essential to consider comfort, proportion, and personal style.

4. The combination of a Lehenga with a Short Kurti has been a stylish and contemporary choice, particularly for events like weddings, festivals, and other celebratory occasions. This fusion of traditional and modern elements offers a fresh and trendy look, providing comfort and ease of movement while maintaining the elegance of traditional Indian attire.

5. All kinds of Embroidered Blouses are in vogue whether it’s a handmade embroidered or machine thread work. The use of tissue along with embroidered laces detailing gives a sheer effect. Colour Blocking with satin or cotton thread work also gives a classic Indian appeal. For summer cotton saris, appliqué work looks the best.

6. As there is a growing interest in sustainable and handcrafted fashion, Bandhani, the traditional tie-dye technique, will again be part of Indian ethnic fashion, considering its popularity based on current fashion trends and influences.

When looking for Bandhani dresses, you can explore both traditional and contemporary designs such as Bandhani Kurtas/Kaftans/Dupatta’s/ Draped Dresses or 3 piece sets. Further, Bandhani is not limited to dresses; it is also used in creating scarves and other accessories. 

7. Banarasi Anarkali Suits are indeed popular and considered a classic and timeless choice in Indian ethnic fashion. Banarasi silk is known for its rich texture and intricate woven designs, and when combined with the flowing silhouette of an Anarkali suit, it creates a stunning traditional look. Dressing like a royal Banarasi Long or Short Anarkali’s with Sharara’s of Jewel Tones gives a luxurious appeal. Detailing the finishes using taffeta/satin fabric completes the silhouette.

8. A guide to luxury suit design on your own can look the best with less Black and more White Suit. This Black and White Suit can also look great with metallic colours like golden, bronze or silver. Give a delicate and semi sheer effect using GPO laces for good finishing on Lawn Cotton. 

9. Colour of the Year is Peach by the Pantone experts due to more focus on personal health factor this year. So, One can choose or create the silhouette in peach tints and shades. Peach looks best with grey, hot pink, or pastel green.  

10. Jacket Suits are often associated with formal or semi-formal occasions. They can be worn to business meetings, weddings, or other events where a polished and sophisticated look is desired. Classic colours like navy, black, and grey are timeless, but contemporary trends may introduce new colours and patterns. This three piece pant suit is a good substitute for those who couldn’t carry dupatta/stoles. Such suits can be easily constructed from silk and cotton saris if one believes in sustainable fashion.


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