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Ethnoyst Magazine: The Ultimate Style Guide for Urban Women

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

An inspirational yet practical guide to clothes shopping, discovering and developing a strong sense of personal style for fashion lovers!

In the book, the author distills her secrets into a fun, comprehensive style guide focused on rethinking your wardrobe like a fashion expert and making what’s in your closet work for you. She provides real-world advice about everything style-related, including:

-Styling every garment you own in the best way

-Mastering the closet organization

-Which alterations are worth it

-Shopping thrift and vintage like a rockstar

Instead of repeating boring style rules, the author tells us to break the rules and get real about everything from apparel to accessories with a view to showcasing inevitable fashion statements. The book has lots of insider tips from the author’s arsenal of hacks and expertise.

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